About the Blog

Hello Readers!

You may be wondering, why is this crazyy lady posting about the most intimate details of her life, and why is her happily ever after a thing in process?

It is simple. Growing up my idea of life was simple. I would meet the man of my dreams, get married, have many beautiful, healthy babies, and enjoy the rest of my life as proud momma. Boom, SIMPLE.

However, that’s not how my reality is working out. Turns out, getting pregnant isn’t that simple, at least for us. It’s hard, and annoying, and a real cramp in my work life. I turned to my relationship with Jesus and found myself asking, why me? Why this? The Bible says, “Be fruitful and multiply”, so why can’t I multiply? ¬†At first, this whole situation was a real road block for me, but, to be honest, and you’ll read throughout my blog, I have had not had a closer relationship with Him in my entire life, then I am now on this journey.

I am starting this blog for three reasons. I see people around me getting pregnant with their first, second, hundredth child, and I wish it was me, so I need to have a place where I can be completely honest about our journey with infertility and how sometimes, it really is just a bunch of suck. Secondly, I wanted to raise awareness of infertility, its toll on both people in a relationship, and raise money for those who need IVF and don’t have insurance to cover it (You can donate here, http://www.giveforward.com/ivfsupport ) . Lastly, my goal is to bring people into a closer relationship with Jesus through my testimony covered in this blog. I am completely faithful in my relationship with the Lord, and in His promise to give me children, and I hope it gives others that same courage. So here it goes!


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